Sharing the message of 'straight-thinking' branding


It was a busy November for ifour as we teamed up with specialist search and social marketing gurus Sleeping Giant Media at their GIANT talks workshop in Maidstone, also on the calendar was the Digital in Kent workshop at their bi-annual conference at the Orchards Events Venue in East Malling.

Our brand workshops are a crucial stage in the design process so that we all have a clear and deep understanding of our clients business, their audience and the best and most persuasive manner in which they can be reached.

“Your brand is simply what people feel and think when they see or hear your name.”

“What they think and feel about you plays a significant part in whether they buy your products and services. You can’t control this, but you can influence it.” 

As it’s our proverbial bread and butter, we are always keen to spread the word on the importance of ‘straight-thinking’ branding and how getting this absolutely right is critical for any business.  We have developed a unique strategy that delves deep into the very heart of brand development and the complexities that need to be considered when embarking on this journey.

To ensure maximum impact, our workshops start by looking at the essential building blocks that include: the offer, USP, target audience and positioning in the market place.  

Once we have identified the above, we start to examine the brand-building checklist that delves deeper into: strategy, alignment and authenticity.

We believe that one of the key words in branding is influence, after all, a brand is an intangible thing, its in someone’s head and can be difficult to control. Everything has a brand and these are qualities, thoughts and feelings that are associated in peoples minds. By segmenting, as we do in our workshops, we can greatly influence these perceptions and trigger a positive outcome.

Here, we have given you a very brief snapshot of our workshop. If you’d like to know more about how we can get your brand ontrack and moving in the right direction, please email or call 01892 541111.

Social media activity was in full force, here are some of the twitter comments from the events.


Rebecca Newenham ‏@GetAheadVA

RT @Alex_by_the_Sea#Twitter'gives you a place at the worlds biggest water cooler conversation' love this quote from @ifourdesign> Great!


TWBC_Business ‏@TWBC_Business

Very intelligent talks today @ #GiantTalks@ifourdesignshared lots of deep thinking. Thank you.


Maria Waugh ‏@MajkaWaugh

@ifourdesign"There are always competitors" – important thing to remember in business. Are we competing with them? #GiantTalks


Sleeping Giant Media ‏@SleepingGiantM

"Are we chasing business in a way that's true to ourselves?" – Damon @ifourdesigntalking about brand authenticity here at #GIANTTalks


RiseComms ‏@RiseComms

@ifourdesignmaking us re-think our usp – good stuff! #gianttalks


Zoe Cairns ‏@zoe_cairns

"melts in your mouth, not in your hands" M&Ms #USP@ifourdesign#GiantTalks


Kris JB ‏@itskrisjb

Listening to how to give "a better conversation" to your contacts digitally @ifourdesign#GiantTalks


ZC Social Media

A key branding question: does this add momentum to the company's strategy? – insight from Damon @ifourdesignhere at #GIANTTalks