Silicon Beached comes to London


Silicon Beached is an inspiring event that draws together an enviable programme of visionary thinkers, creators and doers from a wide range of creative disciplines.

After 5 consecutive years of blowing peoples minds down by the sea in Bournemouth, the Silicon Beached team felt the time was right to bring the event to the capital, and quite rightly so.

It was an awe-inspiring day that explored the impact of digital innovation on the advertising, design and media-related industries.

Speakers from highly respected and innovative companies included:

MT Rainey - Board Director, Channel4 and original Founding Partner, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe
Lindsey Clay - Chief Executive, Thinkbox
Nishma Robb - Head of Business Marketing, Google
Jessica Gioglio - Head of Content Lab, Sprinklr
Thea Hamren - Associate Creative Director, Mr President
Liz Pavitt - Partner, Rubber Republic
Pip Jamieson - Founder, The Dots
Lauren Currie - Founder, Snook and MA Programme Leader, Hyper Island; and
Savannah Peterson - Director of Innovation Strategy, Speck Design

Founded by Bournemouth inspired creative Matt Desmier aka Wise Old Uncle after attending the Silicon Beach fest gathering in Santa Monica, California, he had a vision to recreate a similar experience here in the UK, and so the seed was sown and this wonderful event was bought to UK shores.

We took some absolute gems from this inspirational day and these included:

Lilly from Rubber Republic discussed how brands are made up of humans, so why are we not human on social media? We need to establish human traits with your brand, be confident and build deeper connections. Be the best, most honest version of yourself and finally, to make your content go viral make it: watchable / shareable / remarkable.

Lauren Currie at SNOOK Lauren was discussing the benefits of design (a lady after our own heart) about how design is fundamental in evolutionary changes to almost everything including technology and new advances. Visuals are processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than copy, so be creative, be visual. Businesses are seeing the importance of design and government should be focussing on these skills to change structures and systems for the better, a fascinating talk!

Thea Hamren at Mr President Speaking about how the new generation (some call millenials) are better engaged with brands that create campaigns with a purpose, we were shown these enagaging CSR inspired campaigns #watchyourback  #lifepaintbyvolvo  and H&M clothes recycling

MT Rainey, Channel 4 Last up and the woman that completely stole the show was MT Rainey. While there wasn’t a huge amount that hadn’t already been covered, she kindly shared her thoughts on the past, present and future of the digital world that we have become and live in today. This was a particular gem, Apple's first Macintosh computer ad from 1984

Some wise words from this incredible lady:

“Creativity is Britain’s most powerful asset”


“Bedrocks of truth remain, the more things change the more they stay the same.”


“Technology changes, humans don’t.”


“Be mindful, appreciate what is happening and changing.”


“Digital convergence has turned people back into humans, integrated by our behaviour, people first.”


To sum up this amazing day, it's safe to say we left incredibly inspired and with a huge amount of knowledge that can be implemented and used to benefit both our own agency and the clients we work for. The importance of sharing and learning within the ever-evolving industry is key, and to have the opportunity to meet such incredibly talented and motivated individuals has been mind blowing. See you at the next one Matt!