Taking to the GiantTalk stage Damon talks about ‘How to overtake your competitors.’


This particular session asks the all-important questions 'Is your digital marketing gaining enough traction? Do you need it to stay ahead and on track?'

How to Build a Kickass Brand

Before you worry about the competition, ask yourself: is your brand up to the challenge? In this Giant Talk, ifour Strategy Manager, Damon McCollin-Moore gives you the tools to take an honest, no holds-barred look at how to build a brand that is in peak condition and ready to take on all comers:

Round 1 - Choose your fighting style

Do you fully understand your brand’s purpose? What is it that makes your offer unique? And can you turn these things into a killer value proposition?

Round 2 - Know who’s in your corner

Is your team energetically supporting and executing the agreed strategy for your brand? Tips and tricks to make sure everyone is lined up behind the brand position and ready to square off against competitors.

Round 3 - Play to the crowd

Do you know who you are targeting? Break down your audience into manageable segments and craft targeted messages to them.


Round 4 - Come out swinging

With your USP identified and your proposition honed, it’s time to take down the competition. Five surefire steps to building a competitive strategy that the whole organisation can use to overtake competitors and defend your position in the market.

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