Taking to the radio waves again


Headlining in all of the papers was talk of the Paralympics opening ceremony and the launch of the new and maybe not so eagerly anticipated iPhone 7.

Claire always tries to keep the theme on-trend for ifour and the first story of the day was an article in the Daily Mirror about Price Harry personally donating to a crowdfunding campaign set up to encourage Brazilian children to fill the stands at the Paralympics. It just goes to show that crowdfunding is now a fantastic way to not only secure funding for entrepreneurs, but for community building projects across the globe.


The next topic was about the iPhone 7; this came as a bit of a surprise as unlike previous launches it was felt that the launch had been kept under the radar somewhat. So, with this new version you can expect a water resistant cover, ultra HD recording, clearer music and a built in VR option. We’ll wait and see what the public really think and whether it's actually worth the upgrade and a spend of £595+.

The third topic of the morning slot was less techy and more morning orientated – a survey conducted claims that by 8.12am Britons know how their day will pan out and if it will be a happy one or not. How they get such a specific time we’ll never know but if it's in the paper it must be true – right?

Round two of the news review starts at 8.25 with topics discussed such as a café owner taking a Trip Advisor troll head on, turning a negative into a positive situation by advertising the witty comments, such as ‘come in and try the worst porridge in town’. This may be working for now and he’s clearly getting good PR.


The legendary Mary Berry calls on the government to reintroduce healthy cooking in schools. At 81 you’d think she would have enough on her plate with the GBBO.

Then, a brief chat about a new men-only migrant camp in Paris where residents can only stay for up to 10 days – the mind boggles as to where they are meant to go to after then. Finally, finishing with a light-hearted topic of grumpy animals earning their owners thousands by becoming internet sensations with their scowling faces.


For the full news review with presenters John and Maggie click on the video above.

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