Ten years and going strong


Ten years ago, Graeme was just a man with a dream, bundles of talent and a very chunky laptop. As we look about our brand spanking new office (the third in 10 years) seating 15 members of staff and adorned with awards, it’s obvious we’ve come a long way, so we thought we’d reminisce about what else has changed in the last decade.

What’s new? 

1. Social Media

About the same time that ifour was launching, a little start-up in California was also introduced to the world. It was called Twitter – you might have heard of it. The stratospheric success of the company has rather matched our own (tongue firmly in cheek), and created a whole new medium for companies to engage in.

2. WiFi

Since 2006 the mobile generation has really taken off. Remember the days when people had the audacity to ask you to pay to use their wifi. Now we consume everything on the go and the global viral movie quiz we created last year was played in more than 130 countries, is evidence that the world is becoming smaller and more connected.

3. The iPad

2010 saw the launch of the iPad and the internet was brought, quite literally, to our fingertips. Touch sensitive screens have changed the way we consume info and at ifour, we’ve had fun dreaming up new ways to engage with it.

4. Wearable tech

2006 saw the first fitness tracker hit the market and now we can sync our e-mails and social media to our watches, glasses and all sorts of other contraptions. Working is truly mobile these days- lucky we’re such dedicated team.

5. Netflix

If video killed the radio star, the Netflix knocked them both into out of space. Terrestrial TV as we know is well and truly buried, opening up all sorts of new and creative ways to be entertained and informed.

What’s gone? 

6. Woolworths

The passing of Woolworths gave us all a little wakeup call about the changing face of the retail industry. Where once we would have thumbed through East 17 posters in store, we head to the internet. The world wide web is the first port of call for everything, expect ‘pick ‘n mix’. We still miss that – sob, sob.

7. The EU as we know it

We’re still coming to grips with the news that we’ll be leaving the EU. As we wait for the unravelling to commence, all we can do is dig deep to muster the British pluck and courage we need to help us through. 

8.  England Managers

Since this is a celebratory blog, we won’t dwell on the dismal efforts of our national side and the six, yes six, managers they’ve been through. What we will say though, is that if you want to be part of an exciting, dynamic, cutting edge team with a faithful leader at the helm-you’re better off at ifour.

9. Pluto

As the ifour star was rising in 2006, another one was diminishing. The celestial snowball known as Pluto (not to be confused with Mickey Mouse’s canine pet), was relegated to "dwarf-planet" status by the International Astronomical Union in 2006. We’re not sure there’s much coming back from a put down like that.

10. Brangelina

Whilst many lamented that true love was dead when news broke about the split of Hollywood’s premier couple, we’re still rather optimistic. After ten years at the helm of ifour Graeme couldn’t be more passionate about his ‘baby’ and the rest of us have truly fallen in love with the way things are done around here too. Ahhhhhhh!

So, a fair bit has come and gone in the last ten years and whilst we’re not sure what the next 10 will bring, we’ll continue to evolve to keep pace. It’s going to be fun!

Thanks for sharing the journey with us!