The Drum Vox Pop Instagram for Small Business


As proud members of The Drum network, ifour was thrilled to contribute to their Vox Pop on the latest updates to Instagram targeting small business users. Our Senior Strategist Léonie gave her thoughts on the channel along with other Drum members and the general consensus was it's an interesting move that is worth watching, albeit with a little trepidation.

Instagram has finally launched their new 'Business Profiles' allowing customers to connect with brands using a contact button on the app. The app will also provide users with a mobile analytics suite called 'Insights' which will store customer's data and store it in a way that is easily accessible.

The 'Promote' tool will let brands position top performing posts at the top of feeds, which the Facebook-owned firm has said will allow firms "to reach new customers on the go using Facebook's best in class targeting and measurement." The Drum Network members discuss: will Instagram's new tools really put smaller businesses out there ahead of their larger, corporate competitors?

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Léonie Sidgwick, senior strategist, ifour

For me, despite all the flattering angled selfies, filters and carefully styled food shots, Instagram always feels like the most candid of social media channels. It’s certainly easy to get into as you needn’t be a wordsmith and, thanks to smartphones, taking a picture for content is no hassle. Instagram’s new business account will do away with the most annoying aspect for potential customers by streamlining contact and the addition of solid analytics means account owners can see what works and what doesn’t, something that’s been sorely missing up until this point. However, the limitations with Instagram up until now have forced small businesses to make the effort to engage with followers and make interesting and appealing content. I would really like to see the additional functionality enhance rather than stifle that creativity and customer service as this channel grows.

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