The Drum Vox Pop Renaissance Marketing


As proud members of The Drum Network, we love contributing to their Vox Pops series, the latest looking at the recent boom in renaissance marketing trends. Our Senior Strategist Léonie contributed to the discussion along with other Drum members, which covered at the necessity of video, long copy and customer engagement, as well as the need to personalise customer experiences and a tangibility of product that is craved by millennials. 

Marketing 'renaissance' trends are back. Email, direct mail, podcasts; the hark back to arguably simpler times communicating with audiences has been noted over the past year or so. The Drum Network asked its members, what other renaissance marketing techniques do you think will be hit with this year?

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Léonie Sidgwick, senior strategist, ifour

Renaissance marketing trends will be pushing to the forefront in 2017, but only in so far as it supports personalised marketing. With so much noise, brands want to talk to consumers on an individual basis. This means agencies need to be selective in their approach, whether it's the comeback kid of collateral, the direct mailer or cutting edge tech in chatbots.

With inbox overload a daily occurrence, a beautifully crafted, meaningful piece of physical mail is now the exception rather than the norm and can offer much higher rates of engagement, despite the difficulties in tracking. Likewise, visiting a smart website that has learnt your preferences and shows relevant content first offers an improved UX and helps engender brand loyalty, just like the personalised messaging from a brand chatbot can on social media. This year, it doesn’t matter whether it’s old school or new cool, as long as it's personal.

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