The rise of the tech set


George Osborne recently announced he is going to establish a royal commission on robots.  Yes, you heard that correctly. We know it sounds like some low budget indie sci-fi flick where Cameron and co. are holed up in Downing Street warding off Darleks with a budget box and British pluck. But, technology is advancing so rapidly these days that those in power are pricking up their ears and taking notice. 

For decades, Silicon Valley in the US has been the Hollywood of the tech world. It attracted the biggest companies, the best talent and bucket loads of investment. Now, the UK has an answer: Tech City UK. The hub was launched in Shoreditch, London in 2010 to support a tech cluster known as Silicon Roundabout- a suitably self-effacing and very ‘British’ name for a movement set to rival the giant of ‘The Valley’!

Anyway, in the last six years or so, things have outgrown the roundabout. You only have to consider the automation of life to see that technology is even more important than ever before. Not only can we scan our own shopping at the supermarket, programme our heating on the way home and even monitor our health through a wrist watch, pretty soon technology will have replaced the drivers of lorries on our roads too. Technology is fast become as fundamental to life as the air we breathe.

The tech revolution, as those in the know are now calling it, is happening right here right now – from a roundabout in Shoreditch no less! And findings in the Tech Nation 2016 report, published by Tech City UK in conjunction with the innovation charity Nesta, project thatthings are only heading on one direction. 

Tech firms enjoyed a combined annual turnover of £161bn in 2014, which is 32% more than the average turnover growth of the rest of the economy. Whilst automation may be blamed for taking jobs, what the report also shows is that it’s also responsible for creating a fair few too! Tech job creation grew 11.2% between 2011–14, three times faster than the rest of the economy, and accounts for 1.56m jobs nationwide.

And that’s the point too – it’s now a national and even global phenomenon. Whilst we love the idea of the greatest brains in tech cosying up for a hackathon on a grassy roundabout in East London, the truth is, tech is in everywhere, in every industry, in every part of the country. From St Ives to St Mirren businesses, small and large, need tech.

Needless to say, we love a bit of tech here at ifour and have long embraced the techies at the heart of what we do. Every day we see technology helping our clients to grow, save money, be more efficient and reach more customers. If you’d like to see how they can help take your company to the next level, we’d love to chat.

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