Trying to un-Trump the BBC Radio Kent news review


Of all the days to do the news review, today was not a good day for Claire. With Trump’s surprising win of the US Election, it was inevitable that the papers would be filled with political disdain, anger and fury as people speculated about the end of the world as we know it. Given that Claire is a bring and cheery soul, this was not a subject that she wanted to offer anymore airtime.

As you can imagine it was a tricky task trying to source stories that did not cover news of the new First Family (aka America’s next Dynasty) but she managed and first up was the shocking tram crash in Croydon and how news from across the pond completely overshadowed this terrible UK tragedy.


Next up and newly out of retirement was an unbelievable article on how Nigel Farage is heading Stateside to angle for a job as one of Trump’s administration team. Given that he’d done so well with our very own BREXIT campaign, he feels that there may be an opportunity for him as US ambassador to the EU – is the guy crazy? You decide.


On a lighter note to end the first review, she mentioned an article on the new Planet Earth series and how the production team had to battle tents full of spiders and underwear-eating rats. Some may say that staying on the rat theme, there was also mention of the media intrusion Prince Harry and his girlfriend Megham Markle are facing in their new and very public relationship.


In the news review round two, Claire broached the tetchy subject of failing French Cuisine and how UK chefs are now being revered for their innovative cooking and taking over the highly claimed crown for excellence.


Next was a satire slot as she discussed the predication that was made by Simpson’s creator Matt Groening 16 years ago, with a an absurd storyline featuring Mr Trump as US President. This was, of course, a joke back then but who is having the last laugh now?

Finally a bit of a John Lewis theme, titled ‘ What are we to do in this uncertain world?’ not even John Lewis can save us. With their new CEO taking to the helm, we see changes afoot as they look to target a much younger clientele, but all is OK as they’ve just released the most heart warming Christmas advert that makes us all smile rather than brings tears to our eyes in these uncertain times. For more on this advert read our blog post .