What do United Airlines, Scouts and Pensioners have in common?


Its been a while since we’ve shared Claire's Radio Kent news review with you, and given the papers are full of doom and gloom at the moment here are her top picks.

PR Blunders

It certainly has been a memorable few days (and not in a good way) for United Airlines and the White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. You’d think given the brands global positioning and Mr Spicer’s seniority in government that both would know when to keep schtum, apologise and bow down to the media crisis unfolding around them, more about these articles can be found here:



Scouts need more volunteers

With over 51,000 young people keen to sign up this is the longest wait in the history of the organisation. We all know that parents are extremely ‘time poor’ and struggle to find the time for additional volunteering commitments, but The Scout Association is on a recruitment drive and keen to seek a further 17,000 adults to clear the waiting list. If you’re interested take note that you don’t actually need to make a fire from scratch or put up a tent, as there are a range of roles available such us administrative and trustee positions.


Royal feeding time at the zoo for Nelly (real name Donna)

As a new £2million centre for elephant care opened today at Whipsnade in Bedfordshire. The Queen (notice her glove-less hand) and Prince Philip fed bananas to Dolly, a 72 stone Asian elephant. It was her namesake Elizabeth the baby named after the monarch’s official 90th, that stole the cuteness rankings though.

The Nordics Guide to Living Longer

It appears sunbathing, seafood and seven hours of shut eye can make us live up to 10 years longer. Forget fad diets and extreme exercise, we need to appreciate that everything in moderation is OK and that moving little, more and often is key.


The Golden Age of Pensioners

Britain’s older generations are supposedly enjoying very happy retirements; this is down to having no alarm clocks, regular holidays and plenty of pottering. Spending time in the great outdoors and enjoying long boozy lunches with friends all sounds very agreeable to us, when can we join them?


We wonder what fascinating stories Claire will be covering on the next BBC Radio Kent news review? Stay tuned…