We've got 99 problems but a quiz ain’t one


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As we enter the festive season we all look forward to a little downtime with friends and family and to help you make the most of your time off, once again we have created a quiz to delight, amaze and possibly, infuriate you!

Following the success of the 2015 movie quiz, this year’s music quiz challenges you to guess the name of 99 bands or groups packed into one detailed image. Once again, you’ll have to zoom in as some of the clues are fiendishly small! But for all those of you that emailed, called and sent us carrier pigeons begging for clues, your wish has been answered. If you get super stuck, you can share to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn or share with a friend using the icons on the quiz page once a day and, for every share, we will magically give you a bonus answer. 
We know how long some of you played last year/time, too. The average time to complete the quiz was four hours, so now you can register on the quiz page so you can take your playing on the go, meaning you can play on your phone whilst waiting for the turkey to cook or on that long car journey to your Auntie Ethel’s.
We’ll be picking a winner at random from the highest scoring entries to win £250 in Amazon vouchers at midday 31st January 2017, meaning you can treat yourself to some serious tunes, or whatever else takes your fancy!
Last year's movie quiz was shared around the world in more than 131 different countries, including Panama and Vietnam, and a staggering 23,920 hours were spent playing it. We can’t wait to see how long people will spend this year.
Graeme, ifour’s Creative Director, said: “I wanted to create something that entertained people over the Christmas period but I never envisaged it would be so popular. The movie quiz was played by 70,681 unique users, with 6,173 people submitting their score.”
If you haven’t played the movie quiz, you can still play it here http://quiz.ifour.co.uk/2015 or if you’re ready, why not play the funky music quiz now!  http://quiz.ifour.co.uk