What ifour have learnt in 2012


We have had such a great year at ifour and are looking forward to the next one, but we thought we would share a few of the things we have learnt this past year as it draws to a close:

  • Security fog tastes pepperminty (thanks Premier for the fogging)
  • It can take up to 17 moves to turn an estate car in our car park (driver dependant!)
  • James I is pretty nippy on his pins
  • Lego bricks melt under pressure like cheese
  • There is a musical genre called 'Glitch Hop' (Thanks David)
  • The ifour boys can grow some amazing moustaches
  • We have the best office dog, even if she does try to eat the studio….
  • A LOT of people eject their USB's without safely removing them (from the discussions about the Autumn Aboards)

Happy Christmas and here's to another exciting year with even more discoveries!