Where did the hours go?


Oscars all round, for sheer brilliance and movie knowledge

Play it here: quiz.ifour.co.uk

Never in a million light years did we expect such a positive response from our movie quiz. Launched mid-December, and the January feature on our 2016 calendar, we had over 5,980 entries in all with over 4,199 of players guessing all 65 answers correctly. Looking at these figures we fear it may have been too easy!

This was the brainchild of our Creative Director, Graeme. With film input from the whole of the ifour team, it features 65 different images that users have to magnify to identify the popular films. Once answers were submitted, the entrants with the most answers went into a prize draw to win cinema tickets and other film-related goodies. Last week we were delighted to announce that Mr Bob Potter was the successful film buff – a worthy winner we feel, as when asked how long it took, he said a total of 8 hours in all. That’s dedication for you!

If we consider that it took an average of 4 hours to complete, then a staggering 23,920 hours, that’s 996 days, have been spent by entrants trying to complete this competition. That’s a lot of exposure.

What also stunned us was how far our competition spread across the globe. Players entering from a total of 131 countries, including Columbia, Vietnam, Qatar, Ghana and Panama, have stumbled upon the quiz from our boutique Tunbridge Wells-based agency.

Using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, the quiz was referenced by Liverpool FC, Bolton FC, Arsenal FC, Money Saving Expert and the Irish Examiner. Its popularity was unisex, with the gender split being 55 percent male and 45 percent female. Expectedly, the busiest time for the site to be accessed was the week before Christmas, where over 9,000 people visited, 3,000 of whom visited on New Year’s Day.

Perhaps unsurprisingly mobile was king, with over half (55 percent) of the users accessing the quiz through their mobile device.

Consumer engagement has been incredible with people taking to Twitter and Facebook to get involved, ask questions and inform us of their mostly positive experience. We have shared some of these below:

"Absolutely loved it – it took the kids away from the TV and got us to put our thinking caps on. More of these please!"

"I did it! (PS: I slightly hate you.)"
"We're Mensa level challenging! RT @MensaCanada: Can you name the films hidden in this image?"
"Blast you @ifourdesign!!! (This is kinda fun)"
"I'm still feeling slightly smug with myself for getting 65 #smallvictories"
"I lost my Sunday morning, but 65/65, loved this quiz. About to share on fb to challenge/torture my friends." 
"3 left. I am 30 minutes away from a tantrum."

So, the question is… did you do it? And if so, how long did it take you? You can still play it here and we have not announced the answers. If you are stuck on a clue or two then get in touch with us via our social media channels and we may take pity on you and give a helping hand.