Which emoji would best represent our fair isle?


We’ve gone a bit emoji crazy here at ifour HQ.  Since learning today that Finland are the first country to launch its own series of emojis including a Nokia 3310, a head banger listening to rock music and perhaps unsurprisingly a naked couple enjoying a typically Finnish sauna experience.

All of this has got us thinking about what emojis would be representative of our own fair land in digital icon form? We asked Twitter and they shared the following ideas:

Marmite came up a few times

Tea and toast – although I don’t think this is indicative of the UK alone

Ali Parmer suggestions

The mighty Oak tree – good one

Red post box – obv.

Punk rocker – yes another good-un

White-Y-fronts – hhmm if you think so?

The MacMan

The Queen drinking tea… and eating a sausage roll – ermm yes

Bearskin hat – brilliant

James Golding

English breakfast – definitely thanks Jimmy

Fish & chips – of course it doesn’t get more British than that

Pint of ale – Cheers

Léonie Sidgwick 

British astronaut, Tim Peake – if you say so?

British space adventures – there seems to be a theme here

Cheeky Nando’s – Nom Nom Nom

Watch this space as we are sure that our own iconic emojis will appear soon and maybe they will include some ‘out of the box’ ideas.