Why your business doesn’t need Kim Kardashian


You want your product in the limelight? Well, a lot of companies simply chose to stand under someone else’s. Celebrity endorsement is everywhere these days, but you don’t need, and probably don’t want, Kim Kardashian’s help to get noticed.

We all know that a six-figure bank transfer can persuade a celebrity what watch they should wear or brand of coke they should drink. What many brands hope is that when ‘said celebrity’ is seen sporting their product their thousands of Twitter followers will jump on the band wagon and snap up that product too.

The fact is a ‘celeb’ brings more than just an attractive face to a product. They bring familiarity, emotional attachment and a sense of trust. It’s all linked into our psychology. This can be really positive – as in the long-lasting relationship between Michael Jordan and Nike. It can also be negative when the reputation of a celebrity takes a nose dive – as in the case of Maria Sharapova and Tag Heuer. 

It’s all about relevance

It can be tempting to think that the bigger the star, the more coverage a product will get. But it’s not just about the number of fans a celebrity can get you in front of. There needs to be relevance. Just because you sign up Kim Kardashian to promote your range of weed killers, doesn’t mean her 45.6 million Twitter followers are going to suddenly develop a desire to rid their lawns of dandelions.

This is where there’s hope for those of us with more modest marketing budgets. Every industry has their influencers; people who’ve built up a reputation for knowing their stuff and being ahead of the game. They become a ‘go-to’ voice of authority because people trust them. The beauty of social media is that these influencers are easy to find and have a platform to speak from. All in all they can probably do an awful lot more than the likes of Jennifer Lopez to boost your business and at a fraction of the cost.

It’s all about influence

The good news is it’s not hard to find these people either. Through Google+, Twitter Analytics and by running down relevant hash tags you should be able to see who people are taking notice of in your industry. Jump on Klout, PeerIndex and Kred for a while and you can easily find the people who have opinions that matter in your field. Of course it all takes time, but it’s time better spent than sitting by the phone waiting for Leonardo DiCaprio to return your call.

It’s all about trust

Once you’ve found a few people who are leading the way, the challenge is getting their attention. You’ve got to work for it. Introduce yourself, get involved in the conversation and show that you’ve got something relevant to say. Remember, they are not simply a marketing vehicle – they are people with a job to do. If you show them that you can help them do it even better – you’re on to a winner!

It’s really all about business

We all like something for nothing, but you have to be realistic. Many businesses choose to pay their influencers for tweets, offer them free products or give them exclusive access to research or content of one form or another. If you choose your influencer carefully this can really pay off and you can get thousands of people who are actually interested in your product or service to take notice.

Give it some time and you should be able to track interaction to see if the influencer is really helping to raise your profile and put you in the spot light.

If you’d like a hand getting started and identifying you some potential influencers to approach, we’re here to help. E-mail hello@ifour.co.uk, call on 01892 541111 or pop into our brand spanking new offices in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.