Wirehive 100 awards finalists


No sooner had we mounted our Kent Digital awards on the ifour wall of fame than we get the amazing news we're in the running for yet more shiny plaques, this time with the Wirehive crew.

Starting in 2012 the specialist hosting agency Wirehive decided to launch their very own awards ceremony to celebrate the wealth of digital talent in the South of England. This soon snowballed to become the Wirehive 100 Awards and League Table.

The reason for creating ANOTHER awards ‘do’ was because they felt that agencies outside of London weren’t getting the recognition they deserved, especially amongst the big London giants.

This particularly resonated with us as we often come across clients thinking that London is better, a myth we are keen to dispel. Yes, London agencies have fabulously large teams and commonly create exceptional work but so can we smaller agencies, often at a fraction of the cost!

Creative of the Year

The stand out category for us to enter was ‘Creative of the Year’. This was most suited to our incredibly talented Graeme aka ifour genius, the brilliant brains behind the agency. Our modest leader would not actively go out and shout about the award-winning work that leaves our studio so it was up to Business Development Manager, Claire Passos to encourage this submission and fortunately, he was picked as a finalist amongst six other clever creatives.

Agency site of the Year

Our second finalist category was for ‘Agency site of the Year’ again another proud moment for the agency. As Creative Bloq quoted a couple of years ago ‘the agency site that doesn’t look like one’


This was great news for us as we are always trying to be a little different and are keen to stand out from the usual ‘agency’ style sites. Cue toys, dogs and maybe a hipster beard or two.

We are all too aware that a website has around eight seconds to grab the attention of its audience. No mean feat. Our striking brand colours certainly help to make an impact and to get our message across we focus on being creative and succinct. To do this we use graphics and icons as visual language alongside crisp, clear, jargon-free copy.For us, it’s all about communicating clearly.

So we look forward to another nail-biting but fun awards ceremony, this time at the uber stylish Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey.

We’ll be sure to keep updated on any prize winning developments and if you’d like to know more about how we can create you an award winning brand or website do give us a call 01892 541111.