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Dynamic content that persuades and inspires

The power to master media libraries

Content might be King, but its reign is unruly. Businesses are struggling to manage their growing volume of content, finding they’re spending more and more time tracking down files, fielding requests, and monitoring access. Imagen’s SaaS solution alleviates this problem, giving businesses, sports organisations and media companies a better way to organise and distribute content, unlocking the value of their ever-growing media libraries. Imagen’s system means that teams gain greater speed, efficiency, control, and security when managing content and working with partners and global teams around the world.


– Design

– Strategy

– Copywriting

– Development

Imagen approached ifour looking for an impactful way to communicate their value proposition, responding to customer pain points in order to convince audiences to upgrade to a digital asset management solution.

The challenge

Selling a product customers don’t know they need

Imagen’s primary obstacle was that most of their target audience already had a method for hosting content, using tools such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive. However, not only did these  storage-centric solutions come with often-insufficient capacity, they also couldn’t offer the robust features needed to efficiently and securely manage a growing archive of video, images, audio and documents. We needed to help the audience realise the need for a digital asset management platform.


Show a customer you ‘get’ them, and you’ve got them

The challenges of maintaining high-volumes of digital content vary from business to business, but include issues such as storage limitations, sharing restrictions, and duplicate or lost files. Imagen’s platform offers a solution to each of these problems (and more!), giving users the opportunity to really level-up their content management. In order to convince prospective customers that they needed a DAM solution, we needed to help them see the potential impact of Imagen for their specific organisation.


Dynamic, personalised content that responds to customer needs

We developed a system that allowed users to identify their key priorities by arranging a list of common content management pain points in priority order. This information, along with their name and company name, could then be used to create dynamic content that reflected each individual’s specific concerns. The system was then used in two separate instances, to create a video that introduced the benefits of Imagen to new prospects, and to create a PDF brochure that offered a deeper insight into the platform’s capabilities. Not only were these tools an effective way to communicate with the principal contact at any given company, they could also be circulated internally to outline Imagen’s relevant features and benefits to colleagues and management teams.