SurThrival is the name of this game


Laughter has never been more important in these strangest of times, so to do our bit, we've put together one of our fiendishly challenging quizzes. The theme is comedy shows and we have hidden 50 (yes, 50!) clues around the picture for you to identify.

We wanted to do something that could benefit both you lovely people staying safe indoors and our wonderful NHS.

So, if you need a hint, we’re asking you to consider making a donation to the NHS Charities Together appeal (every little helps), supporting staff and volunteers at this time of crisis. And this time, there’s no prize draw, the fun is all in the playing!

Obviously do feel free to donate just because you can too.

So whether you’re playing solo or getting your SurThrival team together virtually, tweet, DM or email us to let us know who’s playing and how you’re doing! #ifourquiz #SurThrival #ImaSurThriver

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