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Turning market research into impactful thought leadership

Transforming 80 pages of market research into a stand-out thought leadership report

The average human attention span is shrinking. We have access to more content than ever before and a limited bandwidth to engage with it. So what can businesses do to cut through the noise and really make an impact with their target audience?

Currencycloud knew when they came to us that half of the battle is investing in meaningful, original content. Their ‘Elastic Bundling’ report surveyed 10,000 consumers and over 1,000 business leaders to gain valuable insights on the future of financial services. But in order to make sure the report reached and engaged the target audience, it needed to look the part.


– Design

– Copywriting

– Proofreading

The challenge

Making an audience ‘sit up and listen’

Designing an effective report is more than just a beautiful cover and layout (though we definitely did those, too). We needed to employ tools and hierarchies that would help the reader understand the information and therefore, keep them engaged. That meant avoiding dense blocks of text, using visuals to convey the data, and dividing the content into ‘snackable’ chunks.

The Solution

Balancing style and substance

When it comes to data visualisation, simplicity is key. We designed a visual language that turned raw data into bar charts, line graphs and word clouds, amongst other variations. While seemingly simple, these visual tools made the report more accessible and easily-digestible, meaning that Currencycloud’s content was able to positively impact the audience. The visualisations were also abstracted across social media in the promotion of the report, acting as a ‘teaser’ to encourage report downloads.

The Impact

Generating leads across the world

The resulting report guided the audience through a four-part journey, from initial findings to actionable take-awayswas. It was rolled out across North America and EMEA, with the latter generating a 19% conversion rate for marketing qualified leads.